A Conversation with a Kindergartner

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”~Mark Twain 

I have to tell a story that happened this past week with my son, Louie. Louie is my youngest, but with teenage siblings, he always acts way older. He was able to talk in 3 word sentences at about a year old! But, just because he talks like an older child, he doesn’t necessarily understand all that’s going on around him….such was the case this week.

Louie and I were driving home from school, and we were talking about how fast his first year of school flew. I mean, no joke, it really did go warp speed! Now, I’m about to be a momma of a first grader (enter pulled heart strings, and single tear drop down my cheek). Anyway, I was asking him about his year and what he thought the highlights were, and what parts he thought were challenging. So, here is how our conversation went:

Mom: “What was your favorite part of Kindergarten?”

Louie: “Playing with my friends, and eating lunch in the cafeteria.” **Surprise, surprise**

Mom: “Well, those are really fun parts! What do you think the hardest parts were?”

Louie: “I really hate math. Math is really hard.”

Mom: “Really? I mean, you are good at it. When your teacher sends home your papers, you always do awesome work. Sometimes you might have some numbers written backwards, but that’s pretty normal. “

Louie:” Oh, that’s because I don’t do math. I haven’t done math in a loooooong time. My friend does it all for me. She sits next to me and just takes my paper and writes down all the answers.”

Mom: “ What???? What are you talking about?”

Louie: “Yeah, she likes helping me out a lot.”

Mom: “Louie, that’s cheating!!”

Louie: “No it’s not. We aren’t playing any games. It just math.”

Mom: “Yes it is, Louie!!! It’s like cheating in life!! When you turn in your papers to your teacher, you are telling her that you are done with your work. You are not telling her that your friend did it!! That’s lying!! Also, you NEED to learn how to do math! It’s really important!”


Oh my goodness! That was one of those mom moments where I just had to roll my eyes, and ask myself, “What was he thinking??” But, then, really I had to smile. I have to admit. It would be so nice to live in some sort of “ignorant bliss” not necessarily knowing all the bad that’s in the world. For a second, I thought it was kind of refreshing, and I admired the innocence of it all.

So, of course now, Louie is on the path of doing his own work, and not allowing his friend to do it for him. And, yes, he has come a step closer to knowing the “rights and wrongs” of the world. He learned more about life that day than he did math. But, there was that sweet moment while I was looking at him in the back seat, where I saw this little boy looking out the window just talking to his mom about his day. How I love that picture.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

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  1. Susan on April 10, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Love it!

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