Lessons From a Smoothie

“The lesson will always repeat itself, unless you see yourself as the problem–not others.” –Shannon L. Alder

“I’m going to make a smoothie, do you want one?” my husband asks. Now, y’all might think that this is super nice of him to offer to make me one…and it is nice, but the timing is all off. I’m about to make dinner, and whatever comes between the dinner I make and my family’s appetite must be destroyed. And tonight, my target was the smoothie.

But, my husband is craving it.

Out comes the blender. The refrigerator opens and shuts about a dozen times. I hear the buzz and then the taste test. Hummm… must need something else because he is adding more things. Then, I hear the blender go on and, at the same time, I hear my husband shout, “Oh no!!” He didn’t put the lid on all the way and smoothie landed on the counter and the floor. Really?!?!! I let out the most exasperated sigh and I stomp into the kitchen to help clean up. I give him the “look.” We all know what the “look” is… I make sure he feels my frustration. The worst part is there isn’t any smoothie left for me after dinner because it’s on the floor!!

After we clean it up, he goes and sits on the couch with his little glass of deliciousness that I don’t have now. I watch his lips drinking out of the straw. I hear the sound of him swallowing the yummy. It just adds to my frustration. I start making dinner and I decide, you know what?? I want a smoothie, too! I SHOULD have one! I’m the one making the dinner, and I deserve it for my dessert. I start making my OWN smoothie. It’s gonna be awesome…WAY better than his! I’m like a mad scientist in the kitchen. I’ve got dinner going on the stove, and a smoothie masterpiece in the blender. Julia Childs has nothing on me! I’m feeling so good about myself because I’m going to get this done MY way!

And….then it happens. In my busyness to get everything together at the same time, I neglected to put the lid to the blender. And, yes, I turned it on the highest speed possible…of course.   A whirling tornado of bananas, pineapple and milk rises out of the blender and actually makes it way to the ceiling! I’ve never seen anything grow so fast. I scream! I turn off the blender, and the tornado disappears in a splattering mess down the walls, the inside of the cabinets, down my entire outfit. The mess actually had a radius of 6 feet!! I felt the cold drops sink into my hair and run down my scalp. I am now a literal standing smoothie. The dog is actually licking my pants and I stand there in complete shock! I look over at my husband who is standing in the living room with a look of sheer contentment on his face….you know, the look that says, “So…I see. Ironic isn’t it??” And…that’s when I got it. Yes, God, lesson learned.

As I stood there dripping juice off of my nose, I started to laugh. I started to laugh because I loved how God chose to take me off my high horse and bring me back to the Earth. I treated my husband without any grace because he was doing something that I didn’t want him to….something so small and insignificant….A SMOOTHIE! I had decided to make a mountain out of a molehill. Then, when he had an accident, I decided I was going to make him feel like dirt about it. However, the Lord was not going to let me get away with that. He was going to nip that in the bud! He reminded me that I wasn’t perfect, and that I should extend the grace that I have so lovingly been given.

I looked over at my husband with my hands out like I’m trying to catch smoothie dripping from the ceiling. And, I gave him a heartfelt genuine apology for how I had acted before when he had made his mistake. It was really embarrassing to be taught a lesson from my Heavenly Father in front of my husband. It was one of those that I won’t easily forget, and I’m thankful my husband is so forgiving. Plus, he’s really good at getting smoothie off the wall.

You know, looking back at that way I was acting, I wouldn’t have liked myself very much. I don’t like hanging around people that act like their stuff doesn’t stink…and pointing their finger at everyone! That was me! Geez! Thank you Lord for taking the plank out of my eye. Self-righteousness is such a sneaky sin. It allows us to look at the problems of others, and not hold the mirror in front of ourselves. Jesus loves the humble one that admits to his faults and brings them to the cross. None of us are too good, or too far gone for God’s sweet grace.

“My son, do not despise the LORD’s discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.” Proverbs 3:11-12 (NIV)


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