“All of us have moments in our lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them. ” –Erma Bombeck

“Eddie, wake up. Come on…it’s all over.” I said in the most nurturing voice that I was capable of mustering. I’m not great at those sweetsy voices. But, I was trying to persuade Eddie to leave his medically induced sleep to come back over to the land of the living. He was only 5-years-old and he had just had his tonsils out. I totally get that it’s a very routine surgery, but it’s not routine for me. Nothing could make me happier than getting that kid awake. His little eyes fluttered, and the color returned to his cheeks. He’s waking up! But, before I knew it I had woken up a sleeping demon that wanted to attack everyone because his throat hurt. Hummm…maybe I should’ve let him stay under a little while longer.

We checked out of the hospital, and made our way home. Eddie calmed down in the backseat. He seemed lulled by the movement of the car. As we pulled up in the driveway, Michael (yes the one I would eventually marry…that one) was standing in our driveway with a care basket for Eddie full of popsicles and the 1970s version of Pete’s Dragon. Uh..yes…heart totally fluttered. But, at this point, Michael and I had only been dating a couple of months. I mean, it was so early in our dating that I made sure I had mints in my purse at all times, and lip gloss on so I can hypnotize him with my pouts! Oh gosh, I’m so happy he’s here, but a little nervous because Eddie is in rare form. However, Eddie perked up when he saw him, and was especially happy that the popsicles were his favorite cherry flavor.

We made our way upstairs and got all-comfy on the couch. Eddie was wrapped up in a blanket with his head in my lap enjoying his frozen treat one tasty lick at a time. Michael put in the movie and proceeded to tell us that is was one of his favorites as a kid. Eddie and I had never seen it, so we were really excited to see a new movie, plus the chance to see one of Michael’s childhood faves. Michael came over to the couch and put is arm around me as the movie started. I take a moment and just soak it all in. Michael was so thoughtful in coming to help Eddie through his recovery, and spend time with us. It was like I was living an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” well, minus the technology and the cherry popsicles. But, you get the point. The moment was happy and serene. …


Eddie projectile vomited all over me. Our “Little House on the Prairie” moment turned into “The Exorcist” in seconds. I screamed. It looked like I had been shot with an oozy because those cherry popsicles had made their way back up. I was so shocked. Michael was out of there in lightning speed. I admit, I don’t blame him! It was way too early in our relationship to admit that parenting is for the certifiable crazy. Single moms have to strip away at the expectations slowly, we can’t just push people into the parenting pool or they will drown. Well, Michael was shoved! We have these Norman Rockwell dreams, but in reality, we are more like the Simpsons. It was all just too soon.

But, now I’m stuck. Oh no! Round 2….I can’t move. I am a prisoner of vomit.


Just then, Michael came back armed with a change of clothes and several towels. He picked up Eddie and stood him in the tub just in case round 3 decided to make an appearance. He threw me a couple of towels so I could navigate my way to the bathroom without creating what looked like a murder scene on my parents cream colored carpet. After I had cleaned Eddie and myself all up, I opened the bathroom door, and there was Michael cleaning the couch. Yep….again…heart flutter.

After my divorce, I was so hurt. I had come to believe that when life got hard, people would leave. I began to think if I wanted anything done, I would have to do it all myself. I was so used to being alone that I thought that was the only way to handle life….alone. But, it’s not true. There is so much good in the world. There are people who are reaching out to you. They could be friends, neighbors or your church group. God knows that we all need help along the way. Some of us need more help than others at times. And, that’s ok. When you need it, take it. When you can give it, do it. It all comes full circle. It’s really a wonderful design.

The world can be a lonely place, we know this. But it can also be a place where others can help and love you. I found, the best thing to do is let them.

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4



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