Why Bounce Back Woman?

It’s a place where women and moms can find common ground, acceptance and encouragement being ….well, just being themselves. There was a time in my life where I found myself thrown into the chaos of single motherhood (that included me and my 2 kiddos). On top of that, I had no college degree, no job, no money, and no place to go. Gosh, that was really hitting the bottom there! I’m feeling sorry for myself already!! So, I decided to go back to school and get my life together. With the hope and love of Jesus, and support of my family and friends, we made it through. Although my hair turned gray earlier than it should’ve and I have a very deep wrinkle in the middle of my forehead that is screaming for Botox, we made it!

Now, I am living the life that  years ago looked like a dream. Love found it’s way to me again with my most wonderful husband who chose to be a daddy to 2 kids who didn’t have one. And, after a couple of years of marriage and another “shorty” our family makes 5.

So, long story very, very, VERY short, I want to help other women out there know that there are others just like you (and me) who need to know that they are loved, appreciated and super important in God’s plan and in the lives of their children.

Y’all remember that movie “Parenthood” where the grandma compared life to a roller coaster or a merry-go-round? Well, the roller coaster is what life is all about. The ups and downs, the excitement of climbing into the coaster, and the nervousness that something bad might happen. The laughter and the screams that go along with the falls, twists and turns. That’s what it’s about. Let’s get on the ride!

About Shannon Degarmo The Bounce Back Woman

A Little About Shannon

Shannon DeGarmo knows what it means to be a bounce back woman. At age 26, she woke to the sick realization that her husband was living a double life. Within months, he was in prison and she was suddenly a single woman with two young children, a mortgage, no job, and no college education to fall back on. Shannon’s poignant story is one of denial and betrayal, followed by personal discovery and renewal. On a road filled with despair, she experienced the power of faith in God and herself that allowed her to believe that her very best days were ahead.In a remarkable comeback, she sold her house, moved in with her parents, returned to college, and earned her bachelor’s degree in teaching and a master’s degree in education, while navigating raising her two wonderful children. She is happily re-married, and finds purpose and joy in encouraging women to discover their true identity and divine destiny through the same faith in God that rescued her. Shannon is a true bounce back woman who will encourage you with the belief and joyful optimism you need to begin your bounce back story.

Along with being an author and speaker, Shannon is a featured contributor of Keep the Faith radio.  She also writes for Lifeway's HomeLife magazine and other various publications including as Crosswalk and iBelieve.com.  Shannon resides with her family in Franklin, Tennessee.