Ignite: Empowering Women to Heal, Achieve, and Succeed

There are times in a woman’s life when traumatic circumstances will leave some very deep wounds. If not nurtured and mended, they can turn into gaping canyons that keep us from truly living the way God intended. Opportunities get missed, goals don’t get achieved, even day-to-day living becomes a challenge. It can be hard to hold onto hope.

But we have a choice: we can either lose ground with temporary “fixes” or we can take brave steps toward true healing and come out on top. Ignite: Empowering

Women to Heal, Achieve, and Succeed is a powerful tool to assist in small group studies for doing just that.

Included are eleven practical and effective activities to help women:

  • Discover personal strengths
  • Create a life mission statement
  • Set realistic goals
  • Write a résumé and get a job
  • Realize her value and self-worth
  • Take steps toward true forgiveness
  • Identify past coping strategies and create new healthy ones
  • Build a support system
  • Overcome regret
  • Understand the importance of short-term sacrifice for a long-term joyous life

Many times, the very things that have caused us so much hurt can be the avenue

God uses to propel us to a healthy and vibrant future. We are not a product of what has been done to us—we are overcomers, and, with the help of God and one another, we can be victorious in a bright and promising tomorrow.

Ignite Curriculum Workshops:

1-Day Inservice for Center Staff

  • 1 case (88 copies) of Single Moms 101
  • 1 case (64 copies) of the Ignite curriculum

The inservice includes: set up and demonstration of aptitude test included in the curriculum, establish core values and objectives for staff, model facilitator role of Ignite curriculum, analyze and develop ministry opportunities within center community. Once a staff has been trained in the Ignite curriculum, there will be ongoing support offered as needed.

2-Day Workshop Teaching the Ignite Curriculum Directly to Center Clients

  • 1 case (88 copies) of Single Moms 101
  • 1 case (64 copies) of the Ignite curriculum
If time allows, question and answer session for clients, individual career mapping, advanced educational counseling, and ongoing support.

Reader Reviews for Ignite

Highly recommended for counselors!

by Amazon Customer April 19, 2019

This is a great workbook/recovery program that would be awesome in almost any women's group. There are practical aspects included, like resume building and preparing for job interviews, and also many thought-provoking exercises that will lead to freedom in Christ. The book includes the leader guide in the book and would work best being led by someone competent with the material. There are exercises and things to work on for each chapter. As a trained counselor, I would definitely use this in counseling settings such as substance abuse recovery, pregnancy support centers, prison re-entry programs, teen support groups, etc. There is some good stuff in here!

starsExcellent resource for small groups of women

By Jennifer Hunter, April 15, 2019

This book is an excellent resource for small groups of women who need support and encouragement from one another during difficult times. I highly recommend it

Relative and Applicable

By Jennifer Fauske, April 15, 2019

This book and workbook provide practical steps for moving toward goals and getting back on one's feet after a difficult time. The first part of the book helps the reader recover in a practical way- resume writing, goal setting etc. and the second half reminds the reader of who they are in Christ- loved, not alone and forgiven. It provides one with spiritual healing that also is needed after a traumatic occurrence. Highly recommend- easy to read with activities that are useful.


by Amazon Customer April 7, 2019

This workbook/ study guide is fantastic. It has so many pearls of wisdom and practical steps for women coming out of difficult situations. The author “tells it like it is” and gives the reader the tools she needs to overcome!