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It’s Your Time to Bounce Back! Have you lost all hope of finding true happiness? Have you given up fighting for your dreams and given in to settling for second best in life? Have you come to believe that healthy relationships are for others—but not you? Then it’s time for you to bounce back! It begins inside your heart and then spills over into your entire life. The Bounce Back Woman is for you if you are struggling with depression, looking for a way to move past the pain of divorce or another loss, wanting to discover a better future for yourself and your family, or are simply ready to let go and find a way to move on from patterns and situations that hold you back. Shannon DeGarmo’s incredible bounce back story and the lessons she has learned on that journey will provide you with tools to overcome any of life’s challenges you are facing today.

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Order your books in bulk for your Small Group!

Ignite: Empowering Women to Heal, Achieve, and Succeed

There are times in a woman’s life when traumatic circumstances will leave some very deep wounds. If not nurtured and mended, they can turn into gaping canyons that keep us from truly living the way God intended. Opportunities get missed, goals don’t get achieved, even day-to-day living becomes a challenge. It can be hard to hold onto hope.

But we have a choice: we can either lose ground with temporary “fixes” or we can take brave steps toward true healing and come out on top. Ignite: Empowering

Women to Heal, Achieve, and Succeed is a powerful tool to assist in small group studies for doing just that.

Included are eleven practical and effective activities to help women:

  • Discover personal strengths
  • Create a life mission statement
  • Set realistic goals
  • Write a résumé and get a job
  • Realize her value and self-worth
  • Take steps toward true forgiveness
  • Identify past coping strategies and create new healthy ones
  • Build a support system
  • Overcome regret
  • Understand the importance of short-term sacrifice for a long-term joyous life

Many times, the very things that have caused us so much hurt can be the avenue

God uses to propel us to a healthy and vibrant future. We are not a product of what has been done to us—we are overcomers, and, with the help of God and one another, we can be victorious in a bright and promising tomorrow.

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