Single Moms 101: What to Know About Raising a Family on Your Own (and Then Some)

When author Shannon DeGarmo’s marriage ended, she found herself with two little children and an ex-husband in jail. Without a job, college education or any savings, she was in deep trouble and couldn’t find any resources to guide her. She needed answers to questions she didn’t even know she needed to ask.

After years of prayer, hard work and support, Shannon started formulating a plan and finding ways to implement her goals to best support her little family. She earned both her bachelors and master’s degrees and found profound purpose in being a single mother to her children.

Single Moms 101: What to Know About Raising a Family on Your Own (and Then Some) is packed full of real world resources (YES! Actual resources that work) and practical wisdom from someone who has been there.

No matter what led you to your single mom journey: divorce, abandonment, pregnancy, or just crazy life circumstances, let Shannon walk alongside you with pivotal information she discovered through her own struggles.

Single Moms 101: What to Know About Raising a Family on Your Own (and Then Some) includes:

  • Getting a GED or college degree and how to pay for it
  • Best places to work for single moms (highest wages, best insurance packages)
  • How to manage money
  • How to get an attorney
  • Creating a loving and safe environment for your children
  • Boundaries with your Ex
  • Moving forward with forgiveness
  • Finding Self-Worth

Single Moms 101 Workshops:

Shannon is a speaker and a teacher. She would be honored to come and do a workshop or speak at your event.

Here are some topics that Shannon covers:

  • Overcoming trauma
  • Single parenting (includes tips and resources)
  • Purpose in our Painful stories
  • Understanding Grace and Mercy
  • Walking through Divorce
  • Parenting infants through college
  • Self-Worth
  • Pro-Life and much more.

If you would like Shannon to come to speak, send her an email or contact Ambassador Speakers (615-370-4700).

Reader Reviews for Single Moms 101

5 starsA Girlfriends Guide to Life Unexpected... It's raw, real and not ideal but you can do it!

By Nancy O, April 5, 2019

If ever there's been a need in your life to have someone hold you by the hand and say.. “Here let me help you, follow me...” Shannon is that person and that's exactly what she does in this book. There are more straight up answers in this book than you'll have questions about. She gives you real life, real time thoughts, feelings and resources to walk you down a path you may have never known before. Her biblical perspective is not at all preachy. She speaks from her heart and experience and just as any good girlfriend would be, she wants to pass on some great encouragement, truth and ideas to get you going. This is a great read & resource for anyone who is trying to make it in this world, not just single mommas! God knows how much we need more strong women in this world, but sometimes the road to get there is a bit more than we bargained for. I'm so thankful for this book and Shannon for sharing the tough stuff and the hope that you can realign your path and finish the course!
Thanks Girlfriend!!
- Nancy
Franklin TN

great resource and not just for single moms

by Amazon Customer May 2, 2019

This book is a great resource and not just for single moms. Some of the practices - setting boundaries, being thoughtful as you plan, and speaking truth - are things we can all do better. Shannon writes from her own wisdom and mixes telling the hard things with grace. Wise words from a wise woman.

Read this book!

by Amazon Customer April 19, 2019

A practical guide for navigating the waters of single parenting, co-parenting with an ex, and re-entering the work world. All helpful information presented in an engaging, easy-to-follow way. The parts of this book that will make all the difference in your life and could be beneficial for ANYONE have to do with forgiveness and healing. I also really loved the advice about talking to your kids about the hard things in life. A great book - I highly recommend!

So good!!!! Buy it!

by Amazon Customer April 7, 2019

I loved this book! The author was both transparent and inspiring in her journey to overcome difficult life circumstances. I loved the combination of helpful advice and compelling stories. If you are looking for a guide to get through a challenge in your life or know of a single mom who could use some encouragement, definitely get this book!

Excellent, practical, not just for women going through divorce

by Amazon Customer April 15, 2019

This book is a great resource for women going through divorce. It has many practical tips, as well as encouragement and inspiration along the way. I also found this book to be perfect for young women just starting careers, regardless of marital status. Loved it!!